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An exemplary case in which a right owner reclaims its legitimate domain name from a squatter through the alternative dispute resolution (ADR) mechanism.   The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), headquartered in Beijing with a capital of USD$100 billion, is...

In light of the recent legal battle between the FBI and Apple, WhatsApp has made the move to implement end-to-end encryption for all messages on its platform. WhatsApp, which is owned by Facebook, made the announcement yesterday that all of its 1 billion users’...

Selfies make your Credit Card Secure

  Selfie Pay for your Credit Card, courtesy of MasterCard. Bank of Montreal and MasterCard will be the first Canadian bank to offer Identity Check, a  mobile app that uses selfies and fingerprints to verify the users identity at the time of purchase. Using facial...

Elected officials email disclosure

Municipalities and their councillors are advised to pay close attention to a recent decision of the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario (“IPC”) which has ordered the release of an email sent from a city council member’s private email account. Read More...

In December last year, a privately owned aerial drone crashed into the grille of a moving vehicle in Belleville, Ont. The collision caused some $1,000 in damage, luckily no one was injured or killed but it’s just one more reason why drone insurance could be a growing...

The annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas has just wrapped up.  With 160,000 attendees, 3,800 exhibitors and almost 2.5 million square feet of exhibit space, this is the largest electronics show in the world.  The array of new products and technologies has...

New Top Level Domains Available

The first new generic top-level domains (gTLDs, the group of letters after the "dot" in a domain name) have launched their "Sunrise" registration periods.  Please contact us for information as to what the Sunrise Period is, and how to become eligible to register a...

Are you serious about fighting spam?

Are you serious about fighting spam?

Did you know it is really easy to fight spam? The Government of Canada offers an Anti-Spam site ( where you can report Spam messages you receive. Rather than just blocking the offenders, you can get the process started to make sure they are...

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I forgot to say in my previous email that when I was discussing this with Kendra a couple of days ago she said that yours was by far the best firm she had ever worked with on websites and that your staff were so good.

L. W. , Director
International Policy Network, London, UK


It sure is a pleasure working with you and your people – they always make me feel as if I’m your only customer.

R. L., IT Manager
National Center for Policy Analysis, Dallas, Texas


To be honest, when (it was) suggested that we design a web page, I was less than enthusiastic. But thoroughly enjoyed the process — it was very easy working with you. I can’t believe how quickly everything came together. And the result is fantastic. Thanks.

D. G.
Doctor and author of Code Blue
Toronto, Ontario