Are you serious about fighting spam?

Did you know it is really easy to fight spam? The Government of Canada offers an Anti-Spam site ( where you can report Spam messages you receive. Rather than just blocking the offenders, you can get the process started to make sure they are reprimanded, or prosecuted, for any violation … Read More

Why Am I Getting So Much Spam?

Something that comes up quite often is related to the volume of junk email getting through to our users’ mailboxes. It’s usually phrased something like “Why am I getting so much spam?” or “I”m getting huge amounts of spam!” The answer is not one anyone wants to hear and certainly … Read More

Domain Security in a World of Hacks

With the recent spate of attacks on high-profile websites, the topic of domain security is front and centre for many of us. Public Safety Canada has taken notice and released a Cyber Security Bulletin for protecting and securing your domain name. The alert outlines recent risks and suggests that domain … Read More

An Important Security Update

We take your security seriously at so we are making a system upgrade which takes effect December 4th. This upgrade brings our password policies in line with industry best practices. The upgrade provides the following features: minimum 8 characters must contain at least one digit and at least one letter must not be the login … Read More

“Shellshock” (CVE-2014-6271, CVE-2014-7169)

Some of you may have heard about the recent vulnerability in the Bourne Again Shell (bash) which is installed on nearly all Linux servers and many other systems. This vulnerability is officially labelled “CVE-2014-6271” and “CVE-2014-7169”. With such catchy names, it’s not terribly surprising that commentators have dubbed it “shellshock” … Read More