Web and Email Hosting

We maintain our own servers and mange all systems in house, in a Telco quality data centre located in downtown Calgary Alberta.

No third party or wholesale providers are used when we deliver our services to you.

All Canadian Privacy law applies to the data you store here. Something not true when you cross the border for hosting.

Email Only Hosting

Need only email with your domain?


* Additional disk space is billed at $5.00 per 5 GB, or portion thereof, per month.

* Additional bandwidth is billed at $0.99 per GB or we offer the option of unmetered bandwidth under our Fair Usage Policy**

** Fair Usage Policy: If you exceed 1GB of data usage within any given month, we may slow your speed so that all Customers can better share the network and enjoy quality access to the Internet – we won’t cap your usage or charge you more. This will likely only happen if you use file sharing software or upload large files to the Internet. Media streaming contributes to the use of bandwidth and may, if left permanently on, inadvertently drive usage beyond 5GB in a month.