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We need this done – right now!

Janet, a client in Newfoundland, had to change the Registrant and Administrative information connected with the company website. She also had to change the DNS entries to reflect the new IP address they would be using to reach that site.

Someone in the office who knew what that meant could have done this through our online interface, but for Janet even the description sounded too complicated!

Instead, she asked us to handle it.

It took Janet 30 seconds to tell us what she needed. Michael did the rest, within minutes.

Now they have complete control of their domain name, (their developer had that control before!) and the site is pointed where it should be, in 30 seconds! No stress, no problem! Time is valuable!

What’s in a Domain Name?

What exactly is a domain name? — a unique name that identifies a website. An example of a domain name is “dictionary.com” or in the case of our websites “lexicom.ca or lexi.net”. It’s a business asset, the basis for an online presence. Make sure that your domain is registered properly and that you own it.

Domain names have an annual fee associated with each name, that fee is charged on the actual domain name and the top-level domain (e.g. .com, .net., .ca, .tv, .biz, etc) that you would like to register. Some, like .md, or .tv, or now others, are more expensive both to register and renew.

.CA Domain Name Registration

Lexicom.ca is a CIRA Certified .CA Registrar. CA domain names are restricted to companies and individuals who meet the Canadian Presence Requirements outlined by CIRA. A quick summary of the rules says you must have a Canadian presence to register a .CA.

Register a .CA domain with us, enjoy free DNS, and gain access to our personalized Hosting Services, $99 a year, free email.

Use of Our DNS Servers or Website Forwarding

To set up…contact wecanhelpyou@lexicom.ca or call 1-877-573-2506. We provide a DNS service for free to those clients who register their domain name through us or who have a hosting package with us. If you do not have either but require the use of a DNS server we provide this for a nominal $19.95 per year. Please note that you should be familiar with DNS management before requesting this package.

We also provide a website forwarding service. The fee is $19.95 per year.

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