You will need software that supports either FTP or SFTP in order to upload files to your web site. One such software package is FileZilla. Any FTP or SFTP software will work, however.

If you have the choice between FTP and SFTP, SFTP is the better choice.

Because there is a large amount of variation in exactly how different FTP software packages are configured, you should consult the documentation for your specific software for how to set up a new connection. You will need to following information:

Server or host name. Enter your web site domain here, exactly as it appears when you access your site. If you have been provided with an alternative host name, you should use that. Otherwise, this will usually look something like where “” is your domain name. (It may work without the “www” as well.)

Port Number. You do not need to specify the port number for FTP. For SFTP, use port 1022.

Username. This will have been provided to you when you set up your hosting account. If you don’t have it, you can find it on the hosting management page for your account.

Password. If you don’t have this, you can set it on the hosting management page for your account. We cannot tell you what your current FTP password is because it is stored on the server in a manner that cannot be decoded.

Remote folder. This will be shown as the “Document Root” item on the hosting management page for your account. It will usually be either “/public_html” or “/” where “” is your domain name. Note that this will use forward slashes, not backslashes.