When a .CA domain expires and all redemption periods and other holds are exhausted, there is one final step before the domain is released for general registration. This is the To Be Released or TBR step. TBR are scheduled for one of the weekly TBR sessions during which registrars may attempt to register domains on the list. You can see a list of domains scheduled for upcoming TBR sessions at http://tbr.cira.ca/.

If you wish to register a TBR domain, please contact us with your request. We will let you know what the cost is and if there is anything you need to do ahead of time. There are a couple of things you need to be aware of when you do.

  • There is no guarantee that we will be successful registering the domain during the TBR session. Due to the way the TBR sessions function, it is possible that another registrar will manage to win the domain.
  • We do need some lead time make the required arrangements for the TBR session. It is best to contact us at least two days ahead of the session the TBR domain is scheduled for.
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