Canadian CROs are taking another look at cyber insurance

Dec 22, 2015 | Info We Value

 Howard Solomon – December 18, 2015    IT World Canada

“A Canadian company recently was the victim of ransomware: Attackers shut down one of its Web sites and sent a message — pay up within 48 hours or the rest of the site would also be shuttered.
Management didn’t call the bank, police. Instead one call went to their insurance company. “We were able to assist them by connecting them to some immediate legal expertise that would help them understand what the next step should be,” recalled Matthew Davies, director of professional, media and cyber liability at Chubb Insurance Co. of Canada.
Meanwhile the firm……”   Read more:
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I forgot to say in my previous email that when I was discussing this with Kendra a couple of days ago she said that yours was by far the best firm she had ever worked with on websites and that your staff were so good.

L. W. , Director
International Policy Network, London, UK


It sure is a pleasure working with you and your people – they always make me feel as if I’m your only customer.

R. L., IT Manager
National Center for Policy Analysis, Dallas, Texas


To be honest, when (it was) suggested that we design a web page, I was less than enthusiastic. But thoroughly enjoyed the process — it was very easy working with you. I can’t believe how quickly everything came together. And the result is fantastic. Thanks.

D. G.
Doctor and author of Code Blue
Toronto, Ontario