October is Cyber Security Month

In a world that is more connected and accessible than ever, the declaration of October as national Cyber Security Awareness Month by governments and business leaders in several countries including Canada, the United States and Australia, is a strong statement that cybersecurity is an international safety concern.

The campaign aims to bring awareness to the wide scope of concerns that the term cybersecurity covers, including internet security, privacy, mobile safety, distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks, botnets, hacking, data breaches, malware, pharming and phishing to name a few.

Now is a good time for businesses to review their cybersecurity practices. It is tempting to think that “it can’t happen to me”, but in the wake of Yahoo’s recent admission that personal data was hacked, it is clear that this can happen to anyone.

Of course, technological safeguards are critical to security, however operations and policy play a crucial role as well. The steps outlined below focus on tips that involve measures that go beyond technology.

Plan on a Prudent Response.

Make Continuing Education a Practice.

Create an Incident Response Team.

Have a Lead Person.

Create Relationships with Third Party Service Providers.

Consider Cyber Insurance.

Be Careful About What You Say Today.

Be Prepared – Identify Disclosure Obligations.

Work on “Operational Security” (OPSEC).

These points were put together by Ralph Kroman at WeirFoulds LLP, the complete article with more detail can be found at Lexology