Online privacy tool Access My Info now empowers Canadians to learn how dating and fitness apps use their data

Jun 29, 2016 | Info We Value


Toronto, ON – June 21, 2016 – Do you ever wonder if your cell phone provider is logging your location? Or if your online dating app is sharing your sexual preferences with marketers? Does your fitness tracker know more about you than it needs to? A revamped online tool called Access My Info is launching today and will help Canadians ask these questions directly of the companies they do business with, with the power of the law behind them.

“Access My Info empowers individual Canadians to easily exercise their legal right to understand what data is out there about them, whether that information is shared and, if so, with whom,” said Andrew Hilts, Executive Director of Open Effectand researcher at the Citizen Lab at the Munk School of Global Affairs, University of Toronto, the groups that created Access My Info.
He continued: “This will help consumers make informed choices, and help companies assess whether their policies and practices are meeting the needs of their customers while also complying with the law.”
Under the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act, Canadians can request complete records of the personal information held about them by the companies providing them services. They can ask a company questions and get answers about their data, and correct misleading or false information. But Hilts says knowing the right questions to ask is critical.
“It’s hard to know what to ask about your data without first knowing what is being collected about you,” said Hilts. “With Access My Info, you can spend a few minutes and create a custom-made letter that asks careful questions of your telco, your dating app, or your fitness tracker about how data is collected and used.” The letters were written by policy experts working at the Citizen Lab, where Access My Info is part of the Lab’s Telecommunications Transparency Project. The project investigates how telecommunications data is monitored, collected, and analyzed for commercial, state security, and intelligence purposes.\
“Access to information is a fundamental human right. Yet, research has shown most Internet users are either ignorant of, or apathetic about, the data they give away and what companies and governments do with it. When faced with lengthy and confusing terms of service, most users simply click ‘I agree’,” said Professor Ronald Deibert, Director of the Citizen Lab.
“It will not be easy to change this disposition, to cultivate a curious citizenry and a user base that takes stewardship over the data they entrust to companies and governments,” continued Deibert. “However, tools like Access My Info, in which consumers exercise their privacy rights to inquire how companies handle the data they collect on them, will help both bolster these rights and let companies and governments know we are watching.”
An earlier version of Access My Info helped thousands of Canadians access their data from telecommunications companies. This new version allows people to request data from more government departments and more companies in more industries. Hilts says additional companies and sectors will be added in the near future.
The Access My Info project is funded by the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) through its Community Investment Program.

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I forgot to say in my previous email that when I was discussing this with Kendra a couple of days ago she said that yours was by far the best firm she had ever worked with on websites and that your staff were so good.

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It sure is a pleasure working with you and your people – they always make me feel as if I’m your only customer.

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To be honest, when (it was) suggested that we design a web page, I was less than enthusiastic. But thoroughly enjoyed the process — it was very easy working with you. I can’t believe how quickly everything came together. And the result is fantastic. Thanks.

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