Selfies make your Credit Card Secure


Selfie Pay for your Credit Card, courtesy of MasterCard.

Bank of Montreal and MasterCard will be the first Canadian bank to offer Identity Check, a  mobile app that uses selfies and fingerprints to verify the users identity at the time of purchase.

Using facial recognition and fingerprint scanning technology you’ll be able to verify online payment.

Using Identity Check, available for  iOS and Android, you get a choice of using a fingerprint or a photo to confirm your identity. Very cool ! Then a verification request goes to your smart phone, where you can confirm it by using the fingerprint scanner or taking a selfie.

After the user makes a purchase online, whether using a desktop or mobile device, the service sends an authorization notice to their smartphone, which they can verify with their fingerprint or by taking a selfie.

They say it’s more secure and easier to use than a password,  you have to blink when taking the selfie to prove your human!  Passwords are often lost or compromised, and are basically annoying to manage when you might have any number of them for different apps and accesses.

Feels a little 1984ish, but what doesn’t these days!