Server Monitoring

At Lexicom, we monitor the status of our servers. This includes the following:

  • Uptime. We are constantly monitoring the servers to ensure they are online. In most cases, we will know within a couple of minutes if a server is offline and will be taking steps to correct it.
  • Malware. We do periodic malware scans on the servers. If any malware is discovered by these scans, we take action. This action can vary from removing the malware to disabling entire web sites, depending on the magnitude of the infection. If the latter occurs and affects your site, we will make reasonable attempts to notify you that we have taken that action and why. It is important to note that while the definitions used to do these scans are kept up to date, they are not bulletproof and may not catch everything. They also will not detect latent vulnerabilities in your web site code which have not been exploited to upload malware to the server.
  • Stability. We are always watching the servers to identify any potential sources of instability. This ranges from excess resource usage from hosted sites to external sources such as denial of service attacks. As part of this, we employ systems that automatically block problematic activity. We also periodically review the servers to identify any activity that does not get caught by the automatic systems and take action if required.

Server monitoring does not include monitoring individual web sites. While our server level monitoring may catch many cases where an individual web site has been defaced, it will not catch cases where your content management system credentials have been used, or cases where a comment system has been abused to post spam messages, or cases where a flaw in the web site code is exploited to upload spam or other modifications to your site.

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